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How the projects scored in 2019

Below are the results of the latest round of HSIP reactive projects approved by the Transportation Advisory Board in January 2019. View more detailed scores (Excel). 

Last updated December 2019

Score Applicant Roadway Description Amount Requested Amount Awarded Year
892 St. Paul Minnehaha Ave Rebuild signal systems at intersections of Forest St, Earl St, Johnson Pkwy and Ruth St including adding mast arms, countdown timers, APS, upgrade from 8" to 12" indications $1,080,000 $1,080,000 2022
880 Minneapolis Lake Street Replace signal systems at intersections of Dean Pkwy, Thomas Ave and Minnehaha Pkwy, add mast arms, countdown timers, APS, increase from 8" signal lenses to 12" $990,000 $990,000 2022
834 Bloomington County Highway 1 Install left turn lanes on each approach at Xerxes Ave; convert thru lane to right turn lane on both Xerxes approaches; upgrade signals to include flashing yellow arrows and add retroreflective pavement markings $469,800 $469,800 2022
678 Anoka County County Highway 83 Construct roundabout at Alpine Drive $1,350,000 $1,350,000 2023
662 Dakota County County Highway 9 Construct center median to allow left turns and restrict east/west thru and lefts at Scenic Trail / Heritage Drive $360,000 $360,000 2022
628 Hennepin County County Highway 34 Remove channelized right turn islands at 98th Street, replace signal system, install blue enforcement lights, and make improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians $1,170,000 $1,170,000 2022
595 Carver County MN 5 Construct roundabout at Reform Street $1,346,400 $1,346,400 2023
577 Columbia Heights
53rd Ave Extend center median and construct turnabout  from Highway 65 to 1,100 feet west $730,800 $730,800 2023
574 Chisago County County Highway 23 Construct roundabout at Lofton Ave and flatten horizontal curve $1,512,000 $1,512,000 2022
545 Hennepin County County Highways 35 and 52 Replace signal heads, re-time signals and add additional signal heads, enforcement lights, left turn phasing; install curb extensions, APS, and countdown timers on County Highway 35 within Bloomington and County 52 within Richfield $846,000 $846,000 2022
474 Hennepin County County Highway 50 Eliminate bypass lanes, restripe to introduce left turn lanes at Koala and Sterling; widen to add westbound left turn lane at Dogwood St; install intersection lighting and raised center median for pedestrian refuge $405,000 $405,000 2023
435 Ramsey County County Highway 51 Build dedicated right and left turn lanes at County Road B2; replace signal system with flash yellow arrows, APS, countdown timers, and install pedestrian ramps $746,690 $746,690 2023
399 Anoka County County Highway 1 Install additional signal heads at Blackfoot street; change from protected only to flashing yellow arrows $405,000 $405,000 2022
369 MnDOT Multiple Apply high friction treatment on 4 ramps: westbound Highway 55 to eastbound Highway 5, westbound I-694 to southbound Highway 100,
southbound Highway 77 to eastbound Killebrew Dr, and westbound I-494 to southbound I-35E
$410,130 $410,130 2022
351 Anoka County County Highway 1 Install additional signal heads at Mississippi Blvd; change from protected only to flashing yellow arrows $450,000 $450,000 2023
314 Anoka County County Highway 35 Construct roundabout at Gardena Ave $1,350,000 $1,350,000 2023
312 Dakota County County Highway 62 Reconstruct intersection at Northfield Blvd to remove skew and construct left and right turn lanes $1,350,000 $0 Not selected
305 Dakota County County Highway 73 Construct roundabout at Thompson Ave $1,395,000 $0 Not selected
244 Anoka County County Highway 22 Construct roundabout at Cleary Road $1,350,000 $0 Not selected
222 Columbia Heights MN 65 Install pedestrian-level and vehicle-level lighting from 43rd Ave to 47th Ave; reconstruct sidewalk and pedestrian ramps along each side of Highway 65 $1,117,710 $0 Not selected
192 Anoka County County Highway 17 Install additional signal heads at Lake Drive; change from protected only to flashing yellow arrows $450,000 $0 Not selected