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How the projects scored in 2019

Below are the results of the latest round of HSIP proactive projects approved by the Transportation Advisory Board in January 2019. View more detailed scores (Excel).

Last updated December 2019

Score Applicant Roadway Description Amount Requested Amount Awarded Year
782 Scott County Multiple locations Install 40-50 miles of ground in reflective lane lines and pavement markings; install street lights at at least 10 rural intersections $1,017,000 $1,017,000 2023
774 Carver County County Wide Rural intersection lighting improvements at 30 to 40 intersections $292,500 $292,500 2021
706 MnDOT US 169 N Install high tension cable median barrier from 85th Street to West River Road $963,000 $963,000 2023
691 MnDOT MN 51 Install cable median barrier from County Road C to I-694, close median at Hamline Ave, restrict median at Glenhill Road, lengthen southbound left turn lanes at County Road C, County Road C2, and Lydia Ave $585,000 $585,000 2022
678 MnDOT US 169 Install cable median barrier, close or modify access or median for up to 12 access/medians from Highway 19 to Highway 25 $1,800,000 $1,800,000 2023
540 Minneapolis Nicollet Ave Install overhead signals on mast arms and curb extensions at 8 intersections from Minnehaha Pkwy to 60th Street $1,755,000 $1,755,000 2022
534 Hennepin County County Highways 3 and 42 Install curb extensions, raised medians, crossing beacons, pavement markings, and signage at intersection of Lake Street and Cedar Avenue, and the intersections of 42nd Street and Cedar, 21st, 26th and Nokomis Avenues $828,000 $828,000 2022
529 MnDOT I-694 Install continuous freeway lighting from US 61 to County Highway 10 $1,800,000 $1,800,000 2020
521 Hennepin County County Highway 17 Remove raised right turn islands and install upgraded pedestrian ramps, APS, off road facilities, enhanced medians, signal upgrades, wayward signing, and revised pavement markings from American Blvd to 76th Street $1,800,000 $1,800,000 2023
499 MnDOT I-494 Install continuous freeway lighting from Minnesota River to Highway 3 $1,620,000 $0 Not selected
498 Andover County Highway 18 Construct roundabout at Nightingale Street $2,000,000 $0 Not selected
492 Minneapolis Park Ave and Portland Ave Install overhead signals on mast arms and curb extensions at 5 intersections from 34th Street to Diamond Lake Road $1,485,000 $0 Not selected
461 Ramsey County University Ave Install RRFBs at 15 locations on University Ave;  2 on Grotto Street at Concordia and at St. Anthony Ave; and 2 on Chatsworth Street at Concordia and at St. Anthony Ave $665,042 $0 Not selected
429 Washington County County Highway 15 Construct left turn lanes at intersections of 124th Street, County Highway 7 and Lynch Road $1,575,000 $0 Not selected
405 Carver County MN 25 Realign intersection at County Highway 20  to remove skew, widen shoulders, add turn lanes, and improve sight lines $1,073,700 $0 Not selected
279 East Bethel MN 65 Construct new east side frontage road from 187th Lane to Viking Blvd $1,765,800 $0 Not selected
240 St. Francis MN 47 Install a new signal at Pederson Drive $378,000 $0 Not selected