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Non-National Highway System bridge projects

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How the projects scored in 2019

The construction costs shown on this list represent a very rough estimate based on limited information available at the time selection decisions were made. Actual construction and delivery costs will change over time as projects go from a concept through the project development process and are eventually constructed. View more detailed scores (Excel).

Last updated December 2019

Score Bridge number Route Key Intersection or closest landmark Work type High level construction cost estimate for planning purposes Year Planning (FY) Comments 
70 72003 MN 22 High Island Creek Overlay deck surface $300,000 Not selected Waiting to coordinate with another project. 
65 6789 MN 30 Boot Creek Replace $700,000 2020
60 72005 MN 93 Rush River Overlay deck surface $250,000 2022 Coordinated with another MnDOT project 
45 5076 MN 4 Butterfield Creek Replace $700,000 2023
30 6757 MN 4 Big Cottonwood River Replace $3,000,000 2023 Coordinated with another MnDOT project 
30 6504 MN 4 Elm Creek Overlay deck surface $200,000 2022 Coordinated with another MnDOT project 
10 6497 MN 22 Le Sueur River Replace $2,000,000 Not selected