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Approved/Qualified Products

Late season pavement marking materials (application temps less than 40o F)

Multi-Component Liquids

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(Minimum Application Temp)
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Manufacturer Approval Date Provisional Letter
HPS-3 (35° F) Ennis Flint 10/19/2017 3/26/07
HPS-4 (35o F) Ennis Flint 3/26/2007 -
HPS-5 (35o F) Ennis Flint 4/30/2013 -
Mark 55.3 (35o F) Olin Epoxy-Poly-Carb, Inc. Provisional to 12/31/2021 Provisional letter (PDF)
MFUA-10 (35oF) Swarco, Inc 4/3/2014
LPM 5000 (30oF) 3M 12/3/2015
LS-90 (32oF) Epoplex, Inc. 2/20/2015 -

Note: This material must have glass beads added during installation to meet reflective specifications. See Approved Glass Beads in the Reflective Elements List.