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Sexual Harassment

Retired - formerly MnDOT Policy 3.1 and Guideline 3.1.G-1
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Policy statement

It is the policy of the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the responsibility of its managers, supervisors, and employees to promote a work environment free from sexual harassment. Acts of sexual harassment will not be tolerated by this Department and are grounds for disciplinary action up to and including discharge from employment. Employees who believe they are being sexually harassed are encouraged to use available resources and options to resolve their concerns. Managers/supervisors will take prompt and appropriate action in response to reports of sexual harassment.

Reason for retiring the policy

The department currently addresses sexual harassment under the “Harassment” policy as a form of prohibited discriminatory harassment. Therefore it is unnecessary to have a stand-alone sexual harassment policy. In addition, Minnesota Management and Budget has a statewide policy covering sexual harassment which can be accessed by following the attached link to the Minnesota Management & Budget website, State of Minnesota, Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment Policy.