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MnDOT Aircraft Use Reimbursement

Retired - formerly MnDOT Policy 2.83-1
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Policy statement

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) currently operates single- and twin-engine passenger aircraft and the Office of Aeronautics is designated as the responsible authority for proper utilization.

The aircraft provide air transportation for personnel who are performing state-related activities. The agency or other agencies using these aircraft must reimburse MnDOT for the cost of operation of these aircraft.

Other persons may be guests of a requesting state agency and may or may not be charged by that agency for travel, depending on whether they are performing a service of value to the state or are on official state business. This decision will be made by the state official requesting use of MnDOT aircraft. MnDOT will bill the agency for its proportionate share of costs, and that agency in turn is responsible for any further reimbursement from others.

Reason for retiring the policy

MnDOT aircraft use reimbursement is addressed in the MnDOT Business Manual, a policy is not needed.