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Trunk Highway Bonds Criteria for Issuance

Retired - formerly MnDOT Policy 2.83-1 and Guideline 2.83-1-G-1
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Policy statement

The decision to sell Trunk Highway Bonds will be made only after conducting an analysis of a 10 year revenue and expenditure forecast which can demonstrate that, for the first six years of the 10 year period, debt costs for both existing and proposed bonds will not exceed 25% of estimated available capital funds for any one of the six years. Further, the proceeds from Trunk Highway Bonds will be used solely for long term capital investment purposes which have an expected useful life greater that the 20 year term of bonds.

Reason for retiring the policy

The policy and guideline have been replaced by MnDOT Policy, Debt Management, formerly MnDOT policy 2.6.