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IT Asset Management

MnDOT Policy DM003
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Policy statement

MnDOT will record, track, and verify the status of information technology (IT) assets. MnDOT will work with MN.IT Services* to establish purchasing standards for IT assets. MnDOT will establish purchasing guidelines for IT assets not covered by MN.IT Services, and will establish department-wide hardware replacement cycles to ensure responsible purchasing.

MnDOT will maximize its investment in IT assets by first exploring internal uses and then external options for donation of IT assets no longer needed by the current employee or organizational unit. MnDOT will ensure that the State of Minnesota’s hazardous waste requirements are met when computer equipment is transferred, donated, or recycled. MnDOT will protect government data that resides on any computer hardware that is in storage, donated or recycled.

MnDOT employees will be responsible for IT assets which are assigned to them, including an annual physical verification. They will coordinate with IT staff for the move, donation or recycling or any IT asset which is assigned to them.

*MN.IT Services is a new name to reflect the change to a single consolidated IT organization. Formerly known as the Office of Enterprise Technology, MN.IT Services provides technology services to the State’s executive branch and many other Minnesota government customers.

Reason for retiring the policy

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) will comply with MN.IT Information Security Policies and Standards.