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Placemaking and public art


Public art donations

Prince mural on the side of the ABC Ramps building in downtown Minneapolis
Mural on the side of MnDOT's ABC Ramps building in downtown Minneapolis

We may accept donations of public art for placement on trunk highway right-of-way from local and tribal governments or other state agencies.

Step 1: Set up a conversation

Find your MnDOT District Office and contact them for a preliminary conversation about your public art proposal.

Step 2: Apply to donate the art

Prepare and submit an Application for Art on the Highway Right of Way (Word).

The application must include the following:

  • Information about the location
  • Artist statement
  • Public engagement
  • Description of the artwork
  • Materials, construction, installation and maintenance plan
  • Expected life span of the artwork
  • Cost and funding source
  • Signed Waiver of Rights Pursuant to Visual Artists Rights Act
  • Resolution from the elected body allowing the art donation and agreement with MnDOT

Step 3: Review and sign the application

We'll review the application and consider criteria such as feasibility, location, safety, maintenance and public support. If it's accepted, both you and a MnDOT representative will sign the application.

Step 4: Draft and sign a formal agreement

We'll draft a formal agreement that allows you to donate the artwork and take responsibility for installation, maintenance and removal of the artwork. Both you and a MnDOT representative will sign the formal agreement.

Step 5: Apply for a temporary work permit

Submit a Miscellaneous Work on Trunk Highway Right of Way Permit application (PDF) that will give you permission to install the art.

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