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Minnesota Freight Advisory Committee

About MFAC

MFAC is designed to be a partnership between government and business to exchange ideas, recommend policy and actions that promote safety, productivity and sustainable freight transportation systems in Minnesota.

MFAC provides important expertise to guide public sector decision-making, helping to ensure an efficient, reliable and safe freight transportation system serving Minnesota’s communities.

The Committee was established in 1998 specifically to:

  • Ensure freight transportation needs are taken into account in the planning, research, investment and operation of Minnesota's transportation system.
  • Establish guidelines to measure and manage the state's freight transportation needs.
  • Provide input and direction to MnDOT on freight transportation policies, needs and issues.
  • Give support and input to program and research areas for MnDOT and Center for Transportation Studies follow-up.
  • Represent the needs of freight transportation to the public, elected officials, and other public agencies and organizations.

The MFAC was restructured in 2016 to increase awareness of freight transportation issues; facilitate quick responses to freight questions and issues from the Minnesota legislature, MnDOT and other organizations; and provide a focal point for freight transportation expertise in Minnesota. MFAC’s member roster includes statewide representation from all freight modes of transportation, many major industries, and public sector organizations – forming an expert freight resource.

The committee members are available to respond to inquiries regarding specific freight-related issues, industry needs and trends, and to provide input into state and local freight plans and activities. The committee also serves as a conduit for other freight industry and business contacts.