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Minnesota's Cold Weather Road Research Facility

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MnROAD staff regularly monitor the Mainline, Low Volume Road and Farm Loop test sections to track the changes in pavement performance over time. Several types of measurements are made at certain intervals throughout the year and other tests are performed on an as-needed bases.


Measuring the load and environmental response of a pavement structure has been a key component of the MnROAD facility. Those measurements have been accomplished predominantly through the use of electronic instrumentation. Almost 5000 electronic sensors were installed during the initial construction of the test cells at MnROAD. Additional, and often improved, sensors have been added during the construction of more recent test cells at the facility.


MnROAD collects and processes many types of data. Each type of data has its own method and frequency of collection (PDF, 36 KB, 1 page). Each set of data is collected, reviewed, and entered into the MnROAD database system by designated research experts. Much of the online data can be found in the tables below as well as the MnROAD Data Release v. 1.0. Due to file size and complexity, some MnROAD data is stored offline and is not included in the release (e.g. raw ride quality, pre- 2008 FWD time history files, dynamic load data, etc.). If you don't see the data you're looking for please contact us.


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