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MnROAD Data Release User Guide


MnROAD Data Release v. 1.0

Below is the link the MnROAD Data Release User Guide which details the contents of the Data Product and where to find it. It is very useful way to gain an initial understanding of the Data Product and its research oriented capabilites.

MnROAD Data Release User Guide, January 2012

MnROAD Data Release v.1.0, January 2012

You may use the following reference when citing MnROAD data that you use in reports and papers: Minnesota Department of Transportation, MnROAD Data Release 1.0, January 2012.

MnROAD has developed this data release 1.0 that contains commonly used data spreadsheets, procedures, and tools that we have shared in the past. Right now the data can be supplied using a flash drive but we hope to improve this by placing this data on our web site and making it possible to do individual queries from our database in the future. Some bits of data (i.e. static and dynamic sensor data) can be obtained by contacting MnROAD researchers directly. If you do use MnROAD data/materials we ask you provide the following at a minimum:

  • Contact Information (send us an email with the details)
  • Research Plan (This allows us to help find and explain the data you need)
  • Acknowledge MnROAD (Reference MnROAD and the data release in your final report)
  • Final Product (Share the final product with MnROAD)
  • Test Results (Share any raw lab or field testing data with MnROAD) Version 1 – January 2012