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Highway 77/Cedar Avenue

Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan and Richfield

About this study

Hwy 77 Apple Valley to Richfield project area location map

Hwy 77 project location map.

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Evaluate Hwy 77/Cedar Ave. between 138th St. in Apple Valley and I-494 in Richfield to identify congestion mitigation concepts. The concepts developed during the study will be evaluated against multiple criteria to determine feasibility. The study will generate a Phasing & Implementation Plan to document how and when improvements may be needed on the Hwy 77 corridor, with the goal of incorporating improvements into the pavement project tentatively scheduled for 2026.

Summary of work

  • To engage, inform, gather input, propose and establish ongoing project coordination meetings with stakeholders including local businesses, residents and others.

Online public input opportunity

We are committed to coordinating with local leaders, businesses, and community members to gather input to better understand safety and mobility needs along Hwy 77/Cedar Ave.

Provide your feedback on the public input survey

This round of public input answers these questions

  1. What is the study?
  2. What is the purpose and need?
  3. What are some possible solutions?
  4. How can I give my input?
  1. What is the study?
    • Ongoing travel delays, crashes, and reliability issues
    • Continued stakeholder interest
    • Continued interest to use E-Zpass. MnPASS is now E-Zpass.
    Why now?
    • MnDOT has upcoming pavement projects
    • Better traffic data available
    • Local agency partnership
  2. What is the purpose and need?
    • “Need” describes the transportation problems to be addressed
    • “Purpose” describes the solutions and intended results
    This study’s purpose is understood to be:
    1. Improve travel and travel time on Hwy 77
    2. Enhance mobility for people walking, biking, driving, and using transit
    3. Address bridge and pavement conditions
    Four needs were identified for Hwy 77:
      Primary needs
    1. Pavement condition
    2. Mobility
    3. Secondary needs
    4. Bikeability/walkability
    5. Bridge condition
    Are there any needs you feel were missed? Tell us by taking the survey.

    The full draft purpose and need technical report is available by request from MnDOT. Please contact us.

  3. What are possible solutions?
  4. Based on our understanding of the traffic and other transportation problems on Hwy 77, the technical team has developed three options that could meet the project needs. We will continue to develop these options as the project continues.

    Possible improvements to pedestrian and bicycle crossings of Hwy 77 have not yet been identified.

    Option 1: Add a third lane in places where there are only two
    • Keeps current transit advantages
    • Reduces congestion south of the river but increases congestion north of the river
    • Lowest cost of the three options

    Option 2: Adds a new lane to the entire corridor
    • Keeps current transit advantages
    • Reduces most congestion throughout the corridor but still has reliability issues
    • Mid-high cost of the three options

    Option 3: Adds an E-ZPass (MnPASS) lane to the entire corridor. E-ZPass is for use by buses, carpools, motorcycles or people who choose to pay.
    • Increases transit advantages and contributes to reduced emissions by encouraging transit and carpooling
    • Reduces some congestion throughout the corridor and provides the best reliability
    • Highest cost of the three options
    What do you think? Are there other options that you think could address the identified needs? Tell us by taking the survey.

  5. How can I give my input?