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MSE Type Walls and Special Design Embankment Maps

Required for Utility Permits, etc.

Use of these maps

As new structures are added to the map, new PDFs will be created of them, so check back periodically for new map PDF's. (Updated 3/31/10)


Quick Links

Metro District Maps

The map PDFs are of all the MSE Type Wall and Special Design Embankment structures in the MSE_Type_Walls_Map to date. The maps are zoomed in to a range to sufficiently show the structure(s) and nearby roads, bridges, RR's, bodies of water, etc.

There are 2 files: one for MSE Type Walls PDFs and the other for Special Design Embankment PDFs. The PDFs are named with the Trunk Highway Number at the beginning and the State Project Number at the end of each map name. When you open up either PDF document, go to the upper left side of the page and click on the 'Bookmarks' tab, which will list all the individual PDFs in the document.