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Exam Materials Circulation Policy

Reviewed August 22, 2022

Who can Borrow?

Exam materials are reserved for MnDOT Employees, and City/County Employees who have registered for an upcoming exam. 

Before the exam

Exam materials (including available related study guides) can be requested and checked out for an upcoming exam only.  Registration confirmation is required.  Upon receipt of the confirmation, examinees will receive a checklist of available titles.   Items are available on a first come, first-served basis.   The examinee will then select which materials they would like to check out.  If items are available freely online (such as PROWAG or CFR), the library does not print or make copies (we will send the link upon request).

If you do not take the exam at that date, you are required to return the materials so that they are available for others to use. 

Loan Periods

Most MnDOT Library materials (including PE exams materials) are loaned for a period of 28 days.  Materials must be returned within a week of your test date (or the due date assigned at checkout).  This gives us a chance to check them for errata, updates, or potential damages.  Failure to return the testing materials will result in the loss of borrowing privileges.

Interlibrary Loans

Borrowing testing materials from other libraries is usually not successful because of the high demand nation-wide for these materials.  At their discretion, library staff can attempt to place interlibrary loans upon request, but there are no guarantees of availability, due dates, or which editions are available. 

Other editions

Occasionally, other editions of the testing materials are available to check out if the required editions are unavailable.  The examinee may not receive credit for solutions provided using different editions or standards. 

After the exam

You are NOT allowed to keep the books in the interim period after your exam while waiting to find out if you’ve passed.  If you do not pass, you can request the titles again via another checklist submission and, if available, library staff will attempt to fill your request.

Non-returned and Lost Items

If an item is lost, you will be responsible for supplying the Library with an exact replacement copy.