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2017 ITS Architecture Update (Version 2018)

Project description

The goal of this project is to provide maintenance support to the Minnesota Statewide Regional ITS Architecture by updating the current architecture in conformance with the latest version of the National ITS Architecture. This includes updating the architecture documentation and the architecture database using the latest Turbo Architecture software. The Minnesota Statewide Regional ITS Architecture geographically covers the entire state of Minnesota, encompassing local, regional and state transportation agencies and transportation stakeholders.  It represents a shared vision of how each agency’s systems work together by sharing information and resources to enhance transportation safety, efficiency, capacity, mobility, reliability, and security. The Architecture is a living document and evolves as needs, technology, stakeholders and funding changes. The Architecture was last updated in September 2014. Since the last update, several ITS projects has been completed/implemented, underway, programmed, and planned. Stakeholders’ visions and needs may have also changed which will need to be revised and updated accordingly. In addition, a new version of the National ITS Architecture will be released in spring 2017 along with a new version of the Turbo Architecture software that is fully compatible with the new version of the National ITS Architecture.

The Architecture update efforts will be comprehensive due to the recently completed updates on other MnDOT plans. This update will align with the golden opportunity set forth by the MnDOT Family of Plans that are recently updated or underway to build linkages between them with the Architecture.


The project will provide the following benefits:

  • Identifying current capabilities in the state as well as gaps in services
  • Providing a common framework for the planning, design, implementation, integration, and operation of ITS throughout the state
  • Enhancing the efficiency of ITS planning, project deployment and enhancements, operations, and maintenance
  • Improving integration between systems and coordination among stakeholders
  • Compliance with the National ITS Architecture allows MnDOT to receive Federal funds for ITS projects

Next steps

  • Update the planning alignment with the Family of Plans
  • Engage stakeholders and MPOs to gather information on current and future ITS needs, plans and projects
  • Coordinate and support TSMO planning effort
  • Update the Architecture documentation and database

Project documents