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Electrical Services

Electrical Services

What we do

We maintain MnDOT's traffic signal systems and lighting systems, ITS devices and other unique systems.  We build and provide state-furnished traffic signal cabinets for state roadway projects.

Our team

  • Electricians
  • Electronic technicians
  • Transportation generalists
  • Utility locators
  • Integrators
  • Dispatchers
  • Support team

Our services

Please complete the form below to report an issue with a state highway traffic signal, highway lighting or other lighting issue and Electrical Services dispatchers will route the issue to the appropriate technician to make repairs.

Note: Any information that you provide is considered public data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13. This means that if someone, including the news media, requests this information we are obligated to provide it to them under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. See disclaimer.

Locators are responsible for responding to and locating MnDOT underground electrical and fiber within the metro area when tickets are received from Gopher State One Call.

For utility locate requests, please contact Gopher State One Call. Gopher State One Call: Dig Safely with Free Locate Requests

Electrical Services dispatchers work with Gopher State One Call for MnDOT underground utility locate requests. Please note, the ticket request must come from Gopher State One Call. Dispatch also routes reported trunk highway traffic signal and highway lighting issues to the appropriate technician for repairs.

Electrical Services Dispatch
Metro Maintenance Dispatch
  • After hours (4 p.m. to 6 a.m.) and weekends
  • 651-234-7110
Electrical Services Dispatch contact
  • Cheryl Senske
    Dispatch Supervisor
Electrical Services Locator contact
  • Kevin Swecker
    Locator Supervisor

The Electrical Services Electronic technician’s build-up and document the signal cabinets of all MnDOT signal systems. They provide support for the electronic components of the traffic signal systems and lighting systems throughout the state. They also support unique ITS devices, such as cameras and audible pedestrian systems. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Electronic technicians contact
  • Mike Schroeder
    Electronic Supervisor

The Electrical Services Metro electrical maintenance team maintains the traffic signals and lighting systems in the Metro Area. Other unique lighting systems maintained by this group are the Stillwater Lift Bridge and the Lowry Hill tunnel. The Electrical Services electrical maintenance team provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Metro Electrical contacts
  • Clint McCullough
    Transportation Program Supervisor, Sr./Master of Record
  • Roger Peterson
    West Metro Electrical Superintendent
  • John Clay
    East Metro Electrical Superintendent

The Electrical Services Greater Minnesota electrical maintenance team works outside the Metro area. This team maintains the MnDOT electrical traffic systems. Systems include traffic signals, lighting systems, signal cabinets and ITS devices. This group also maintains tunnel lighting, weigh stations, road closure, and high-water warning systems.

Greater Minnesota Electrical contact
  • Mike Posch
    Electrical Superintendent

The Electrical Services integrators setup, install and integrate ITS devices statewide. Examples of these devices include cameras, electronic signs, wireless equipment, and video transmission. They work with and ensure the system is communicating to the Regional Traffic Management Center (RTMC) network.

Greater Minnesota ITS Integration contact
  • Eric Klute
    Transportation Program Supervisor

Electrical Services Section Manager

Linda Heath, P.E.
Engineer Administrative Sr.

Electrical Services Statewide Fleet and Damage Restitution Coordinator

Cheryl Senske
State Program Administrator Supervisor Principal

Electrical Services TAMS Data Specialist and BARC Program Manager

Deanna McGinnis
Transportation Program Specialist 1

Electrical Services Traffic Signal Cabinet Prints

Robert Melcher
Transportation Specialist