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MnDOT Vision

Our vision, mission and core values


MnDOT vision, mission and core values

Minnesota’s multimodal transportation system maximizes the health of people, the environment and our economy.


Plan, build, operate and maintain a safe, accessible, efficient and reliable multimodal transportation system that connects people to destinations and markets throughout the state, regionally and around the world.

Core values


Safety as a core value means we reflect our commitment to everyone’s well-being both in our work and on our transportation system. We strive Towards Zero Death in traffic safety and strive to attain zero fatalities and prevent injuries at work. It is a high standard, but when we hold Safety as a core value, it pushes us to revisit, assess, re-engineer, train and hold one another accountable. Our success at living this core value depends on the wellbeing of our employees and the citizens we serve.


Excellence as a core value means we push ourselves to be the best we can be and set high standards of professionalism and competence in our work. Striving for Excellence reflects passion for our work because what we do matters and it matters that we do it the best way possible.


Service is a commitment to seek to understand before seeking to be understood. It is a commitment to generously apply our experience, skill and knowledge to help improve the experience and quality of life of our coworkers, Minnesotans and people all around the world.


When we have integrity we live our values. People and organizations with integrity are dependable, honest and trustworthy. They have an uncompromising commitment to honor, moral, ethical and spiritual values and can be counted on to behave honorably – even when no one is watching.


Accountability is the assumption of responsibility for our actions and decisions. As a core value of the agency, accountability reflects our willingness to keep our commitments, to honestly assess our strengths and liabilities, and to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes and actions.

Diversity and Inclusion

Valuing Diversity and Inclusion means we share a commitment to honor and value people with different perspectives, different cultures and different backgrounds. We are also mindful of involving and incorporating these diverse perspectives and experiences into our approach to delivering a safe, accessible, efficient and reliable transportation system. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion allows us to more effectively address the issues facing the diverse communities in Minnesota.