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Drug and Alcohol Oversight Program

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What is the Drug and Alcohol Oversight Program?

All recipients of public transportation funds under Sections 5307, 5309 and 5311 are required to comply with Federal Transit Administration Drug and Alcohol Program requirements per 49 CFR Parts 655 and Part 40, as amended. Minnesota Department of Transportation staff routinely monitors the policies, procedures, record keeping and reporting for all transit systems subject to these federal regulations. Ongoing technical support is provided through annual Management Information System reporting review, biennial program evaluation consisting of on-site and desk reviews, program start-up guidance and on-going training opportunities.

Drug and alcohol review schedule

Annual Management Information System reporting

MIS reporting is required for all transit systems that use public transportation funds. Transit systems are required to report the results of their drug and alcohol testing activities performed under Federal Transit Administration authority on an annual basis, via an on-line reporting system. Transit systems and their third party operators are provided a username and password in January of each year to report the previous years’ results, whether or not any testing was performed.

By February 15th of each year (per MnDOT), all transit systems and their third party operators must login to the FTA website, https://damis.dot.gov/Login/Login.asp, to report their federal drug and alcohol testing data for the previous year. Each transit employer must also submit a drug and alcohol random testing and charts workbook for the previous years’ federal testing data to the MnDOT federal program assistant. Data in the workbook helps to reconcile data submitted in the MIS Report to ensure accuracy in reporting.

MIS reporting instructions

Service agent (vendor) oversight

Transit systems are responsible to ensure that all persons that perform drug and alcohol testing services must also comply with 49 CFR Parts 655 and 40, as amended. This includes the work of collection sites (e.g., local medical clinics, hospitals, chiropractic offices, etc.), consortia and/or third party administrators, medical review officers and substance abuse professionals. Additionally, laboratories that perform the scientific testing on all U.S. DOT drug specimen collections must be certified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Substance Abuse Professionals