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Technical Certification Program

Register in the portal and get your Tech ID

Tech ID

Your MnDOT TechID is a unique number that is used in the industry and MnDOT, in AASHTOWare, and in this certification/training program to keep all your records together. Your Tech ID number is yours and is not tied to an employer. It will not change. You must only have one.

EMPLOYERS: If an employee needs a Tech ID, please have them register for themselves so that they then have access to their account throughout their career

Your certification records are held in a statewide public portal that is used for a wide range of state licenses, not just our certifications. For information see Use the Technical Certification Portal.

If you have never had a Tech ID and never taken a Technical Certification class

  • Set up your account in the TCP public portal (one time only). Click Register Here on the public portal page. The email you use will become your permanent login email (username) so use a personal email address, rather than a work one.
  • Request a Tech ID using the directions on the screen.

If you think you could have a Tech ID number but don't know for sure

This can happen if someone else has registered you for a Technical Certification class, if you once registered for a number but then did not take a class, or if you took a community college class and got one then.

No matter the reason, do not get another Tech ID number.

Search for yourself in the public portal by clicking Search and filling in your name to find your Tech ID.

If someone else registered you for your Tech ID and they did not give you the password to the TCP public portal

  • Ask the person for the email and passed they used when they registered you for a Tech ID.
  • If they don’t have the password, click on Forget your password? on the public portal page.
  • Follow the directions to request a new password, using the email address that they would have used to register you (typically a work one).
  • Check your email for a message asking you to confirm your new password.

If you have not yet registered in the public portal

If you received your Tech ID before 2019, you may not have yet registered in the public portal. (From 2019 on, to get a Tech ID you or someone else would have registered you in the portal.)

Once you get to the public portal page :

1) Click the REGISTER HERE tab. Create your account.
2) When it asks if you have ever taken a technical certification class, click YES.
3) When it asks for your Tech ID number, enter it, and complete the registration.
4) You will be emailed a verification code to the email we have on file for you.
5) Enter the code where requested.
6) After you finish registering, enter your email and password on the login page.

It will take you to your dashboard where you can make changes to your contact information and place of work, print a certification, or see scores from recently taken classes.

If you have questions or issues with your portal account

If your email has changed or you are having issues accessing or using the portal, contact us at tech-cert.dot@state.mn.us

Common issues with accessing the portal

Your email address has changed since you first registered

Still use the old email to log in. The login email works as a username. It cannot be easily changed. (We know this is odd and wish we could fix it. But because other agencies use the same system, it is not our choice.)

Update your actual email, the one we will use to contact you if needed, under Actions/Update Contact Information or under My Account.

Even if you update your email address as your current contact one for emailing, the old email will still be used as the login username.

Your name, contact information, and/or workplace information have changed:

Log into the public portal and update your information.

  • For first name, last name, email used to contact you, phone: go to My Account
  • For address, phone, and email: Select Update Contact Information as an Action and Address as an option.
  • For company: Select Update Contact Information as an Action and Add or Update Company as an option.

If you forgot your public portal password:

Click Forget your Password and follow the directions on the screen.

Still use the old email to log in. The login email works as a username. It cannot be easily changed. (We know this is odd and wish we could fix it. But because other agencies use the same system, it is not our choice.)

The change password message will be sent to the email you have listed My Account and in your Contact Information.

If you no longer have access to the email address in your Contact Information/My Account:

Email us at tech-cert.dot@state.mn.us for help