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Technical Certification Program

State Reciprocity

For people seeking a MnDOT certification through state reciprocity

In special situations, people certified in materials testing and inspecting in other states may apply for MnDOT certification through a State Reciprocity Certification Exam. We make this option available only to help address unusual situations when a person who does not typically work in Minnesota needs to gain certification for a particular construction project in our state.

  1. You have a related and current (not expired) certification in another state.
  2. You have all the related and current (not expired) required prerequisite certifications in another state.
  3. You apply for and pass a State Reciprocity Certification Exam for all prerequisite certifications.
  4. There is a specific project in the current or upcoming construction season for which you need the certification
  5. In addition, you must provide explanations and evidence for the following:

  6. A valid reason why you did not take the MnDOT certification courses during the most recent certification season (November – May).
  7. How the certification from another state aligns with Minnesota’s. This will include a detailed comparison of course curriculum and related ASTM/AASHTO testing procedures.
  8. A need for the certification
  9. Recent work experience using the certification in the state where you are certified.
  10. You must also understand and agree to these statements:

  11. You must self-study to prepare for the exam.
  12. Depending on the certification and your prior experience, you may be asked to also demonstrate proficiency through a performance exam.
  13. The State Reciprocity Certification Exam is the exam from the full, initial MnDOT certification course. For Bridge Construction Inspector Certification, it is two exams.
  14. Depending on the time of year, your certification will be valid for 4-5 years after you pass the exam.

  • You may submit an application at any time.
  • If approved, you must complete the State Reciprocity Certification Exam by the end of the business day on the deadline set for you.
  • After the deadline, if you have not completed the exam, you will lose access to it.
  • We will not refund registrations fees for an uncompleted State Reciprocity Certification Exam.

  1. Register for a MnDOT Tech ID number. This is the unique number that is used by the state to keep all your records together.
  2. Complete the State Reciprocity Certification Application (PDF) and email it to the address listed on the application and send it to tech-cert.dot@state.mn.us

Before you have a group of your workers fill out individual applications, please contact us at tech-cert.dot@state.mn.us to see if we can help streamline their application process.

Register and complete the MnDOT initial certification course during our regular certification season (November to May; registration opens the first business day in October).

  1. Contact Suzanne Johnsrud 218-428-1002 at Lake Superior College to register and make the full payment of course fees. For a State Reciprocity Certification Exam, it is the cost of the initial certification course, not the recertification one.
  2. Find the current course materials.
  3. Read all of the instructions about taking a MnDOT TCP exam.When you are ready and have set aside the time for an uninterrupted test session, take the State Reciprocity Certification Exam online. You must complete the exam by the deadline assigned to you.
  4. Once you have submitted your exam, see your exam results on the screen. 

  • You must score at least 70% on the exam to pass and receive the certification.
  • There is no retest allowed for a State Reciprocity Certification Exam 
  • If you score below 70% on the exam, to obtain the certification you will need to attend a full MnDOT initial certification course during the regular certification season.

Within a week of successfully completing all course requirements, you will be able to see your certification and its expiration date on your Technical Certification Card.

Depending on the time of year, the expiration date will be set for 4-5 years after you pass the exam.

The MnDOT Technical Certification Card provides a personal record of all your current certifications for materials sampling, testing and inspection in Minnesota. This is an annual card that expires on May 31 of each year. After June 1 of each year, print or save your card to a phone or computer to show to your employer or MnDOT Independent Assurance staff as needed.

There is an expiration date for each certification. It is your responsibility to keep your certifications current. If you want to recertify, you must complete a recertification class in the training season before the expiration date. For example, if it says May 31, 2027, take the recertification class in the 2026-2027 training season.