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Environmental Review Team


Transportation projects vary in type, size and complexity, and potential to affect the environment. The Environmental Assessment Unit provides technical assistance and guidance on the preparation and processing of environmental documents under the National Environmental Policy Act for projects receiving Federal Highway Administration funding and for projects triggering a mandatory category under the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act.

Products the team provides

What to expect from the team

The Environmental Review Team can advise on the level of environmental documentation for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Minnesota Environmental Policy Act (MEPA); and provide technical assistance on purpose and need, evaluation of alternatives, Section 4(f), Section 6(f), environmental justice, social, economic, and environmental (SEE) impacts, and public notice and public hearing requirements.

What you need to provide to the team

  • Draft NEPA and MEPA documents for technical review
  • Draft purpose and need with supporting data, evaluation criteria, alternatives screening, and technical memorandum for complex projects
  • Logical termini and project scope
  • Stakeholders involved including federal, state and local agencies
  • Public Involvement Plan
  • Project funding

What the team expects from you

  • Early planning and project coordination
  • Documentation of project decisions and public involvement
  • Avoid, minimize, and mitigate social and environmental impacts
  • Notification if the project scope or funding changes