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Blowing Snow Control Shared Services Unit


Provide MnDOT Districts with needed support and expertise to design, construct, maintain, and optimize blowing snow control practices, by integrating State Road Construction (SRC), non-SRC and operating budgets to consistently implement blowing snow control solutions throughout Program Delivery and Maintenance Operations for improving winter traveler safety and mobility, reducing snow & ice removal operational costs by working with local community partners.

Products the unit provides

  • Scoping to Determine the Merits for Implementing Blowing Snow Control Measures
  • Pre-Design Plan Development and /or Review
  • Design Final Plan Development and/or Review, Special Provisions, Details
  • Construction Inspection Technical Assistance
  • Maintenance Technical Assistance
  • Indirect Public Outreach

What to expect from the unit

  • Identify possible blowing snow control treatment options
  • Confirm blowing snow problem absence or presence to establish the purpose & need for implementing blowing snow control mitigation
  • Develop preliminary cost estimates, complete benefit cost analysis, and provide early landowner engagement
  • Determine construction limits
  • Complete or review final design blowing snow control treatment options
  • Provide construction inspector training and field inspection technical assistance
  • Provide maintenance operation training and technical assistance for maintaining blowing snow control treatments
  • Provide indirect public outreach at trade shows, county fairs, social media, external groups, and MnDOT partners

What you need to provide to the unit

  • Complete an online request form
  • Provide specific blowing snow problem location(s) to review
  • Provide project limits for corridor studies

What the unit expects from you

  • Inform the Blowing Snow Control Shared Services of any changes to the status of implementing preventative blowing snow control measures in your district
  • Let us know how we can improve our products and processes to better serve you