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Sign structures

Breakaway Bases for Square Tube or U Channel Sign Structures
Product Manufacturer Approval Date
Snap'n Safe (Square tube) Designovations, Inc. 4/28/2006
Kleen Break Model 425 Sign Post Coupler
(Square tube)
Xcessories Squared, Inc. 4/28/2006
V-LOC TAPCO 3/24/2008
Snap'n Safe
(U Channel, 1" center punched)
Designovations, Inc. 9/2/2008
Slip Bases for Square Tube Sign Structures*
Product Manufacturer Approval Date
Safe base Multidirectional Slip Base
(Square tube)
Installation Information (PDF)
Xcessories Squared, Inc. 9/9/2005

*Note: Slip bases are not allowed to be used on raised surfaces (bridge rails, top of barriers, etc.)