Southeastern Minnesota Freight Rail Capacity Study

Feasibility and Alternatives Analysis Study

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Study Process


This study has two main tasks:


1. Scoping


Detailed scoping of the project will be developed as a first stage of the study process, and will include the development of a Project Management Plan and a Purpose and Need Statement. A full and clear description of methodology and goals will be produced for public review and reference. A Public Involvement Plan will be created during this process which will detail how the project will engage the public. Additionally, a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) and a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be formed during this time.



2. Feasibility Study and Alternatives Analysis


The intent of the Study is to prepare the initial documentation as the first step in a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)-compliant environmental review process for a project indicated through the analysis conducted in the Study, with guidance from MnDOT and FRA. The resulting documentation may become part of a future environmental assessment.

The feasibility study will identify impacts such as economic development and property values, social impacts, community livability, public safety and health of the following alternatives:



Project Schedule (PDF 83 KB)