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MnDOT is fully committed to conducting the study in a completely transparent manner and with full participation by all stakeholders. This transparency includes the posting of responses to comments, fully public Policy Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Committee meetings, and several rounds of Open Houses around the state as well as targeted stakeholder’s meetings requested by interested groups. You will find all nine Technical Memoranda produced by the consultant which include the raw data that systematically built a set of recommendations and a Plan framework. This will process provides an outline and a vision for better integrating the rail system into the full transportation network serving Minnesota citizens and businesses.


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Addendum Report


Final Report


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Technical Memorandum (Draft)


Note: The resulting State Rail Plan will not be a simple compilation of the intermediate Technical Memoranda, nor fail to recognize the many initiatives and programs already working or being advanced in the region. This is the raw material for a vigorous and ongoing conversation leading to the Plan. It is intended to be a comprehensive vision, system plan, issues discussion, and information source that will be responsive to the range of input offered by all parties, and form a dynamic framework that will guide public policy and investment developments into the future, consistent with our goals to improve the competitiveness and quality of life of Minnesota.




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