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Mowing and Haying

Mowing and haying in highway right of way

MnDOT adopted a statewide standard for mowing and baling in the right of way and has developed a permit form to replace the permit forms that were used previously. State law requires that MnDOT manage right of way mowing, which includes cutting in advance of baling. And, by state law, it is a misdemeanor to mow on state highway right of way without a permit.

The permit provides information on when and where mowing and baling can occur, safety measures required and how long baled hay can be left in the right of way. Large round hay bales are heavy and can be a significant hazard to vehicles that might run into the ditch.

Landowners who want to mow on right of way adjacent to their property need to apply for a permit before the end of February. On Mar. 1, all others may apply for permits to mow on state right of way. MnDOT will accept, review and approve permits on a first-come, first-serve basis.