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Recycled Asphalt Pavements


Recycled Asphalt PavementMnROAD is conducting a five-year project to specifically study the performance of RAP under controlled testing conditions. Several asphalt concrete test sections were built at the Minnesota Road Research Facility having similar structural designs and containing 30 percent RAP but varying in binder grade and fractionated RAP content. Although RAP is a widely used component in asphalt concrete, perceptions about best practices tend to vary between agencies. Current national trends promote the use of high-RAP asphalt concrete. The incorporation of fractionated RAP at the asphalt mix plant can potentially improve the quality of existing designs and also to enable higher percentages of RAP to be used in mixtures.


MnDOT wishes to determine if the present limits on RAP are justified. This study will includes laboratory, construction, and field monitoring components on the newly constructed test sections at MnROAD.


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