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Minnesota's Cold Weather Road Research Facility

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Pavement Distress

MnDOT staff provides data collection of many different types of pavement structural performance. These include LTPP-style distress surveys, asphalt rutting measurements with an Automated Laser Profile System, concrete curling and warping measurements with a 2nd- generation ALPS, and faulting and lane-shoulder drop off measurements using an automated faultmeter.





HMA Rutting


Wheelpath rutting is dangerous to drivers especially during heavy rains.



Lane - Shoulder Drop-Off

Lane -shoulder dropoff is a difference in elevation between the pavement edge and shoulder caused by inadequate compaction during construction.


Georgia Faultmeter














PCC Joint Faulting

PCC faulted joints from traffic loading and erosion have a direct impact on ride quality of pavement.


Fault Lines
Distress Surveys

MnROAD Operations staff perform distress surveys at regular intervals to monitor the field performance of MnROAD test cells.