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Highway 65 Reduced Conflict Intersections & Turn Lane Improvements

Spring Lake Park, Blaine, Ham Lake, East Bethel

Traffic Impacts

We see a reduced conflict intersection, or J-turn intersection, at Hwy 65 and Viking Blvd.
Hwy 65 and Viking Blvd. project location map.
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Expect intermittent temporary detours for local roads accessing Hwy 65 and off-peak lane closures on Hwy 65.

Intersection closures

The medians will close during work at each intersection. During the median closures, traffic will be able to turn right off Hwy 65 or turn right from the side road onto Hwy 65.

Fri, Aug. 3 to fall 2018
July 23 to fall 2018
  • The Hwy 65 center median is closed at 157th Ave. Right turns only allowed from Hwy 65 and 157th Ave. Follow sigend detours.


Early September to late October

  • Work begins on left turn lane extensions at the following locations (working south to north). During the work, motorists will encounter temporary shoulder closures and lane closures as well as short-term closures at cross streets.
    • Ramp from WB Hwy 10 to SB Hwy 65 in Blaine (double left turn lane).
    • 85th Ave. (SB)
    • 99th Ave. (NB/SB)
    • 105th Ave. (NB)
    • 109th Ave. (NB/SB)
    • 117th Ave/Cloud Dr. (NB/SB)
    • 147th Ave/Andover Blvd. (NB)
    • Constance Blvd/Co. Rd. 60 (NB)
    • Crosstown Blvd/Co. Rd. 18 (NB/SB)
    • Sims Rd/Co. Rd. 86 (NB/SB)

Extending left turn lanes will provide additional safer space for motor vehicles to que out of the mainline of Hwy 65 traffic.

Spring 2019 to October 2019

  • Project work will begin on non-signalized RCIs at the following Hwy 65 intersections:
    • 143rd Ave.
    • 153rd Ave.
    • 181st Ave.
    • Signalized intersection at Hwy 65 at the intersection of Viking Blvd.
  • Project work will begin on the existing RCI center median at 169th Ave.

About this project

Hwy 65 Access Management Study completed

MnDOT recently completed an access management study on Hwy 65 from just north of Bunker Lake Blvd in Ham Lake to 245th Ave. N in East Bethel. The study, in cooperation with Anoka County, East Bethel, Ham Lake and the Metropolitan Council, developed an access management plan. The study will provide lower cost improvements to improve safety and manage congestion on Hwy 65. It will guide decisions on future access changes and access locations in the study area. Learn more about the study that was conducted.

Summary of work

Construction of Reduced Conflict Intersections (RCIs) and turn lane improvements will improve safety and mobility on the Hwy 65 corridor between 85th Ave. in Spring Lake Park and Sims Rd. in East Bethel.

Project details

  • Construct a signalized Reduced Conflict Intersection at Hwy 65 and Viking Blvd. As the first signalized RCI in the Minnesota it is eligible for a Federal Accelerated Innovation Deployment grant.
  • Build a double left turn lane on the ramp from WB Hwy 10 to SB Hwy 65 in Blaine.
  • Lengthen the left turn lanes at:
    • 85th Ave.
    • 99th Ave.
    • 105th Ave.
    • 109th Ave.
    • 117th Ave.
    • Andover Blvd.
    • Constance Blvd.
    • Crosstown Blvd.
    • Sims Rd.
  • Construct non-signalized RCIs at:
  • Construct signalized RCI at:
  • Add curb, gutter and sidewalk to the existing RCI center median at 169th Ave.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian access will be allowed at all locations when they are complete. The center medians will include curb cuts and sidewalks to allow bicycles and pedestrians to cross Hwy 65. The intersection of Viking Blvd. and Hwy 65 will have a signal-controlled pedestrian crossing with sidewalks featuring a diagonal crossing through the center median.

Note: MnDOT has set aside additional funding for an RCI at Hwy 65 and Klondike Drive NE, East Bethel in 2021.

Video: Proposed Reduced Conflict Intersection

Understanding Reduced Conflict Intersections

Project Visualization

Final details of the constructed project may differ from the visualization.

Hwy 65: NB right lane

Hwy 65: NB to WB Viking Blvd

WB Viking Blvd

WB Viking Blvd to SB Hwy 65