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Highway 65 Access Management Study

Ham Lake, East Bethel

About this study

We see a reduced conflict intersection, or J-turn intersection, at Hwy 65 and Viking Blvd.

Proposed Intersection Improvements at Hwy 65 and Viking Blvd.

MnDOT is studying Hwy 65 from just north of Bunker Lake Blvd in Ham Lake to 245 Ave. N in East Bethel.

Access management plan

The study will develop an access management plan to guide future decisions on access changes and future access locations in the study area. The access changes identified will help to improve safety and reduce congestion on the highway.

The access management plan will take into consideration growth of the local community, the need for a supporting road network, existing safety problems and current plans for the area and past studies.

When completed, the plan will serve as guidance for MnDOT, Anoka County, the cities of Ham Lake and East Bethel, the Metropolitan Council and residents, businesses and developers.

Managing congestion

Since there is a significant lack of funding for highway expansion, this study will emphasize lower cost improvements that improve safety and manage congestion on Hwy 65, rather than eliminate it.

Who is involved?

MnDOT is working in cooperation with the Anoka County, East Bethel, Ham Lake and the Metropolitan Council. For more information, visit the Reduced Conflict Intersections Page.

Video: Proposed Reduced Conflict Intersection

Understanding Reduced Conflict Intersections

Study Goals

  • Improve mobility
  • Increase safety
  • Improve access
  • Accommodate trucks