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Hwy 169

Golden Valley, Plymouth, St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, Hopkins, Edina

Traffic impacts

Hwy 169 between Hwy 55 and just north of Hwy 62

Click map for larger PDF version.


Specific information about road, bridge and ramp closures can be viewed on the interactive traffic impacts map (you can also view a PDF version of this map).

We are asking that Nine Mile Creek Bridge traffic be limited to local traffic only. All other traffic should use posted detours.

Speed limits are being enforced in the neighborhoods.

Ramps now open:

  • Cedar Lake Rd to NB Hwy 169
  • NB Hwy 169 to 16th St.
  • 16th St. to NB Hwy 169

Road closures

Jan. 23 through early-November
  • Both directions of Hwy 169 between Bren Rd and 7th St. (5th St, Lincoln Dr.) are closed as the Nine Mile Creek bridge is replaced*

    Northbound detour: EB Hwy 62, NB Hwy 100, WB I-394 to Hwy 169
    Southbound detour: WB I-394, SB I-494 to Hwy 169

*Advantages of a full closure:

  • Reduces construction impacts from 3 years to 1 year by consolidating all of the planned Hwy 169 projects
  • Allows construction to occur on Hwy 169 at a time when less construction is occurring on alternate routes
  • Significantly reduces the risk to workers and motorists in the work zone

Lane closures

April 10 through Sept. 1
  • Both directions of Hwy 169 are a single lane from 5th St and Lincoln Dr to I-394
Jan. 23 through early-November
  • NB Hwy 169 is a single lane from Hwy 62 to Bren Rd

Ramp closures

June 26 through Mon, July 10
  • SB Hwy 169 to Cedar Lake Road will be closed

    Detour: Minnetonka Blvd to NB Hwy 169 to Cedar Lake Rd

June 21 through Fri, June 30
  • SB Hwy 169 to Hwy 7 is closed
June 19 through Fri, June 30
  • Excelsior Blvd to SB Hwy 169 is closed
Jan. 23 through early-November
  • Entrance ramp from WB I-394 to SB Hwy 169 is closed

    WB I-394 to I-494 exit to loop back to EB I-394 to SB Hwy 169


Ramp closures

5 a.m. Wed, July 5 through 5 a.m. Wed, July 12
  • NB Hwy 169 to Hwy 7 will be closed

    Minnetonka Blvd to SB Hwy 169 to NB Hwy 7

5 a.m. Fri, July 7 through 5 a.m. Fri, July 14
  • NB Hwy 169 to Excelsior Blvd. will be closed
Mon, July 10
  • SB Hwy 169 ramps to and from 16th St. will close permanently
    • Alternate routes:

    From I-394: Hopkins Crossroad interchange, Wayzata Blvd (South Frontage Road) to Ford Rd
    From Hwy 169: Cedar Lake Rd. (interchange) to Ford Rd, or, Betty Crocker Dr, Shelard Pkwy, Wayzata Blvd (South Frontage Rd) to Ford Rd

5 a.m. Mon, July 17 through 5 a.m. Mon, July 24
  • Hwy 7 to NB Hwy 169 will be closed


Nearby residences and businesses may experience some noise during construction work.

Starting Feb. 20, construction crews might be working 24 hours a day. Between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., the following activities should not be performed: Jackhammering, pile driving, saw cutting and concrete crushing.
Crews will work to keep noise down, but there will be noise.

Interactive map

Launch the interactive web map for the MnDOT Hwy 169 construction project

About this project

Summary of work

Work on Hwy 169 will include:

  • Replacing the Hwy 169 bridge over Nine Mile Creek in Hopkins, Minnetonka and Edina. The bridge will be replaced with a causeway, which is a raised road across a low or wet ground. Bridge conditions require that it be replaced by 2020.
  • Reconstructing more than six miles of pavement on Hwy 169 between Hwy 55 and just north of Hwy 62
  • Constructing acceleration and deceleration lanes on Hwy 169 at Cedar Lake Rd.
  • Removing access to and from southbound Hwy 169 at 16th St. in St. Louis Park
  • Repairing noise walls
  • Replacing concrete barrier
  • Improving pedestrian accessibility