// What is CAV?

CAV is an acronym for “connected and automated vehicles”. Let’s break that down and define both parts of the phrase…

  • Connected vehicles use wireless networks to communicate with each other and to connect with traffic signals, signs or other road items. This helps with safety and improving the flow of traffic.
  • Automated vehicles rely on different types of sensors to steer, accelerate and brake, with little to no human input.

Connected and automated vehicles are the future of transportation, and Minnesota is proactively planning to make sure CAV works for everyone. These technologies can improve safety, provide greater accessibility, drive economic growth, reduce traffic congestion, and benefit our environment.

// CAV Safety Information

Safety is a top priority for both the Med City Mover and Minnesota’s statewide CAV Program.

The Med City Mover uses EasyMile EZ10 Gen 3 shuttles, which are capable of being fully automated when traveling along a set route. Learn more about the EZ10 Passenger Shuttle.

However, these automated vehicles are still being researched and tested. The Med City Mover will help test how this new technology works in Minnesota and advance our knowledge of connected and automated technology.

Each shuttle is accompanied by an attendant, who can take control or stop the vehicle if necessary. The attendant verifies the safe operation of the vehicle and aids passengers as needed. They also will act as a concierge to answer passenger questions.

The shuttle sensors actively scan the environment to verify the protection of roadway users. They detect and assess obstacles in the route to protect passengers, people walking and bicycling and other roadway users

// CAV Benefits

These multi-passenger shuttles bring forward-thinking automated technology to Rochester to test a safe, accessible and sustainable transportation option for Minnesota.

Icon for safety

Safety: The shuttles have extensive safety features and system redundancies to enable safe operations and protect passengers, people walking and bicycling and other roadway users, and improve overall transportation safety in Rochester.

Icon for accessibility

Accessibility: The shuttle is equipped with accessibility features including a wheelchair ramp and tie downs, braille, audio messages and trolly bells.

Icon for sustainability

Sustainability: The shuttles provide you with a completely electric transportation option that that allows you to travel without a carbon footprint as it operates. As a shared vehicle, your choice to ride it also helps take care of the road, reducing overall traffic and emissions in Rochester.