How to Ride

// Riding the Med City Mover

Come experience CAV for yourself! Learn more and take a ride on this FREE, public shuttle.

// What happens if the shuttle is full?

We are limiting each Med City Move shuttle to six passengers at a time. As a safety precaution for this new technology, all passengers (except for the vehicle attendant) need to be seated and belted when the vehicle is moving.

The shuttle might be full when it arrives as your stop. If that’s the case, please wait for the next shuttle to enjoy your ride. There are usually two Med City Mover shuttles running. Thank you for doing your part to make this test a safe experience for our community.

// COVID safety information

Because the Med City Mover is a research and demonstration vehicle, we are not considered public transit. However, we want to keep you safe and ask that you please wear a face mask while on board the Med City Mover. We encourage you to bring your own, and we will have extra masks available if needed.

Map of the Med City Mover Route, showing stops at the Mayo Clinic and Grocery Stores

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