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Resilient Modulus Testing

Resilient Modulus (Mr) is a fundamental material property used to characterize unbound pavement materials. It is a measure of material stiffness and provides a mean to analyze stiffness of materials under different conditions, such as moisture, density and stress level. It is also a required input parameter to mechanistic-empirical pavement design method. Mr is typically determined through laboratory tests by measuring stiffness of a cylinder specimen subject to a cyclic axle load. Mr is defined as a ratio of applied axle deviator stress and axle recoverable strain. Learn about the MnDOT Resilient Modulus Testing Protocol and Data Quality Control Criteria.

Benefits of Mr testing
resilient modulus
    • Measure of fundamental material property
    • Dynamic load testing similar to traffic loading
    • Essential input in mechanistic-empirical pavement design
Mr summaries
Field modulus measurements
Active projects
    • Best Value Granular Material for Road Foundations Work Plan Presentation
    • Subgrade Stabilization ME Properties Evaluation and Implementation Proposal
Completed projects - not yet published
    • Hydraulic, Mechanical, and Leaching Characteristics of Recycled Materials
    • Use of Fly Ash for Construction of Bituminous Roads
Resilient Modulus Publications
    • Investigation of Stripping in Minnesota Class 7 (RAP) and Full-Depth Reclamation Base Materials Report
    • Pavement Design Using Unsaturated Soil Technology Report Technical Summary Presentation
    • Resilient Modulus and Strength Of Base Course With Recycled Bituminous Material Report Technical Summary
    • Moisture Effects on PVD and DCP Measurements Report
    • Preliminary Laboratory Investigation of Enzyme Solutions as a Soil Stabilizer Report
    • Small Strain and Resilient Modulus Testing of Granular Soils Report
    • A Laboratory Technique for Estimating the Resilient Modulus of Unsaturated Soil Specimens from CBR and Unconfined Compression Tests Report
    • Resilient Modulus of Minnesota Road Research Project Subgrade Soil Report
    • Resilient Modulus Testing of Materials from MnROAD, Phase I Report