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MnDOT Office of Materials Contacts


Glenn Engstrom




MnDOT Office of Materials
Mailstop 645
1400 Gervais Avenue
Maplewood, MN 55109










Map/Directions to Office

of Materials


District Materials Offices

Mn/DOT has eight District offices that are responsible for operations in their region. Each district also has at least one materials lab. They are led by a laboratory supervisor, or lead worker under the direction of a District Materials Engineer.

District Materials Contacts



Office of Materials & Road Research Services

The Office of Materials provides timely specialized expertise, testing, leadership, guidance and direction to all of our customers in the areas of geotechnical, materials, pavement and research engineering to improve performance and cost effectiveness. We also provide Mn/DOT new tools to practice the most economically efficient pavement designs, maintenance practices and construction procedures and provide effective specialized technical training to our transportation partners to enable them to efficiently deliver the program. Materials Help List

Materials Engineering Section

Provides expertise and information regarding the acceptability of construction materials and constructed products for use in the transportation infrastructure.


Materials Engineer

Jim Kochsiek





Materials Engineering Personnel includes the Chemical Testing Unit which consists of the Analytical Lab and the Bituminous Binder Lab and the Physical Testing Unit which consists of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Plant Inspection Group; the Fabrication and Repair Shop; the Physical Testing Labs - Aggregates, Soils, Cement, Concrete, Metals and the District Liaison.


Road Research Engineering Section

Provides Mn/DOT the tools to practice the most economically efficient pavement designs, maintenance practices and construction procedures.


Road Research Engineer

Maureen Jensen




Road Research Engineering Personnel includes Mn/ROAD Operations, Flexible Pavement Research, Concrete Research and Mechanistic Pavement Design.

Geotechnical Engineering Section

Provides geological and geotechnical engineering services including, surface and subsurface investigations for: structural foundations, engineered soil and rock slopes, aggregate quality and availability, groundwater control, pavement research, grading & base issues, and geosynthetic applications.


Geotechnical Engineer

Glenn Engstrom




Geotechnical Engineering Personnel includes Foundations, Geology


Pavement Engineering Section

Provides technical leadership and direction in the areas of highway construction including pavements, bases, subgrades, concrete structures and pavement management so that the most cost effective transportation systems practicable are constructed for the citizens of Minnesota.


Pavement Engineer

Curt Turgeon




Pavement Engineering Personnel includes Bituminous Engineering, Concrete Engineering,Grading and Base,

Pavement Design and Pavement Management.