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Contract name Contract number Status Expiration date Assigned to
Air Compressors A-209(5) Active 12-31-2022 Dustin/John
Arrowboards, Changeable Message Boards, and Truck/Trailer Mounted Attenuators (TMA) A-210(5) Active 11-30-2023 Karen/Lisa
Autos A-175(5) Active End of Current Model Year Dustin/Lisa
Brush Chippers C-796(5) Active 12-31-2023 Karen/Lisa
Cranes C-798(5) Active 09-30-2022 Dustin/John
Excavators E-95(5) Active 09-30-2022 Jeff/Jeff
Jetter/Sewer Vacuum & Hydro Excavation W-196(5) Active 09-30-2022 Matt/John
Lifts: Self-Propelled L-517(5) Active 05-31-2023 Jeff/Jeff
Lighting: LED Vehicle Lighting & Accessories L-336(5) Active 08-31-2023 Dustin/Lisa
Loader, Articulating L-331(5) Active 11-30-2022 Michael/Jeff
Motor Grader M-439(5) Active 09-30-2022 Jeff/Jeff
Metal Fabrication M-583 Expired 09-30-2020 Andy/Jack
Pavement, Equipment Repair P-961(5) Active 01-31-2023 Karen/John
Pickups T-642(5) Active End of Current Model Year Dustin/Lisa
Rental Equipment Contract R-701(5) Active 04-30-2023 Karen/Andy
Salt Brine Production System S-829(5) Active 11-30-2022 Dustin/John
Sewer/Pipeline Camera Systems S-986(5) Active 01-31-2023 Karen/Andy
Skid-Steer and Attachments T-631(5) Active 12-31-2022 Michael/Jeff
Snow Blower, Engine Driven S-854(5) Active 04-30-2023 Jeff/Jeff
Snow Plow Truck Bodies& Snow Fighting Components S-863(5)  Active 04-30-2023 Dustin/John
Sport Utility Vehicle A-175(5) Active End of Current Model Year Dustin/Lisa
Sweeper, Directional Road S-846(5) Discontinued Discontinued ------/------
Sweeper, 3 & 4  Pickup Street S-843(5) Expired 02-28-2022 Mike/Lisa
Sweeper/Scrubber, Industrial S-871(5) Active 11-30-2022 Kathryn/Lisa
Washers/Sprayers S-1087 Active 11-30-2022 Karen/Lisa
Tanks, Molded for Dump Bodies T-741(5) Active 11-30-2022 Dusty/John
Testing and Inspection of Aerial Units, Cranes, etc. T-546(5) Active 01-31-2023 Dusty/John
Tractor, Agricultural Rental T-743(5) Active 09-30-2023 Karen/Andy
Tractor, Compact Utility, Utility, Wide Front Row Crop & Bi-Directional T-628(5) Active 02-28-2023 Michael/Jeff
Tractor, Loader Backhoe T-622(5) Active 04-30-2023 Jeff/Jeff
Tractor, Municipal Utility T-652(5) Active 08-30-2022 Chris/Jeff
Tractor and Skid-Steer Attachments (Aftermarket) T-632(5) Active 03-31-2023 Michael/Jeff
Trailers T-603(5) Active 01-31-2023 Karen/John
Truck Body Components and Custom Bodies T-765(5) Expired 05-31-2022 Dustin/John

Truck: Light/Medium Cab Chassis

T-636(5) Active End of Current Model Year Dustin/Lisa
Truck, Light Duty, Components & Attachments T-763(5) Expired 04-30-2022 Dustin/Lisa
Truck, Single & Tandem Axle Cab & Chassis, 26,000 GVW/ larger  T-647(5) Active 05-31-2023 Dustin/John
Turf Management Equipment T-775(5) Active 01-31-2023 Jeff/Jeff
Vans - Cargo A-175(5) Active End Of Current Model Year Dustin/Lisa
Vans - Passenger A-175(5) Active End Of Current Model Year Dustin/Lisa