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Updated October 25, 2023


Subject Bulletin Date Description
Securing Loads, Tarping 91-4 (PDF) 06/04/91 This bulletin defines the non-exempt status of load securement.
Winter Maintenance at Railroad Crossings 92-1 (PDF) 10/23/92 Defines the safe plowing standards at railroad crossings.
Rescue Law Implementation 99-1 (PDF) 03/31/99 Discusses the law regarding the rescue of motorists, and subsequently deter them from causing additional hazards for rescue personnel.
Mechanics Conference 01-2 (PDF) 08/13/01 Describes the importance of the conference and the value of on-site training during the sessions in a statewide format.
Non-Interstate Road Closure 02-1 (PDF) 09/09/02 Internal manual used for guidance in closing non-interstate roadways.
Mailbox Supports 14-01 (PDF) 09/29/14 This defines who is responsible for replacing metal mailbox supports.