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MnDOT Organizational Structure

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Margaret Anderson Kelliher Commissioner Vacant Deputy Commissioner & Chief Administrative Officer Kristi Schroedl Chief Financial Officer Robin Sylvester Finance Cori Calhoun, Assistant DD Janet Cherney Assistant Commissioner Workforce and Agency Services Suzie Thayer Administration Karin van Dyck Human Resources Judy Schmidt Organizational Planning & Management Dan Kahnke Audit Susan Mulvihill Deputy Commissioner & Chief Engineer Tim Henkel Jean Wallace, Assistant DD Assistant Commissioner Modal Planning & Program Management Ed Idzorek Transportation System Management (Acting) Tori Nill Transit and Active Transportation Bill Gardner Freight & Commercial Vehicle Operations Cassandra Isackson Aeronautics Vacant Research & Innovation Mitch Rasmussen Assistant Commissioner State Aid Kristine Elwood State Aid Mukhtar Thakur Statewide Radio Communications Nancy Daubenberger Mark Gieseke, Assistant DD Assistant Commissioner Engineering Services Kevin Western Bridge Tom Styrbicki Project Management & Tech Support Tom Ravn Construction & Innovative Contracting (Acting) Jon Solberg Environmental Stewardship Joe Pignato Land Management Glenn Engstrom Materials & Road Research Jeff Vlaminck, Assistant DD Chris Roy, Assistant DD Jody Martinson Assistant Commissioner Operations Duane Hill District 1 JT Anderson (Acting) District 2 Dan Anderson District 3 Shiloh Wahl (Acting) District 4 Mark Schoenfelder District 6 Greg Ous District 7 Jon Huseby District 8 Michael Barnes Metro District Brian Sorenson Traffic Engineering Todd Stevens Maintenance (Acting) Jay Hietpas CAV-X Scott Peterson Assistant Commissioner for Policy & Government Affairs Vacant Government Affairs Sara Severs Chief of Staff Jake Loesch Strategic Communications Kevin Gutknecht Communications Richard Davis Public Engagement & Constituent Services Kim Collins Civil Rights Tim Sexton Sustainability and Public Health Seema Desai Equity & Diversity Craig Gustafson Chief Counsel Chief Counsel Office Direct Report to Commissioner Direct Access to Commissioner