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Bridge deck placement

TH 2 Erskine Concrete

SP 6004-24, Planned Letting 04/18

Project description

The project is located on TH 2 Polk County, Minnesota, in and around the city of Erskine. The project limits extend a total of 5.5 miles.

The proposed work consists primarily of removing and replacing concrete mainline and asphalt shoulders, performing two bridge rehabilitations, and rehabilitating concrete through the Erskine Truck Weigh Station.

The mainline concrete replacement will consist of removing concrete pavement for approximately 5.5 miles of mainline TH 2 plus four ramps at the TH 59 overpass. Additionally, the project requires the construction of approximately 1850’ of concrete median including curb and gutter along with a small amount of storm sewer work.  The mainline shoulders are currently asphalt and require replacement. 

The two bridge rehabilitations are on bridges #60006 (TH 2 overpass) and #60007 (BNSF railroad overpass). 

The bridge work will consist of deck repairs, joint repairs, low slump overlays, approach panel replacement, and some steel beam painting. The Erskine Weigh Station work will consist of some concrete construction, replacement, and rehabilitation.


*NOTE: The project start and end dates may be made flexible to allow for construction in either 2018 or 2019.

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