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Bridge deck placement

Steele County Bridges

SP 7480-126 & 7408-49, March 16, 2016

Project purpose, benefits

The purpose of this project is to replace between four and ten bridges on I-35 and TH 14 near Owatonna Minnesota. The bridges on I-35 include:

  • 74804 & 74803 (over the Straight River)
  • 74823 & 74824 (over Turtle Creek)
  • 74807 & 74808 (over UP Railroad)

The TH 14 bridges (located just east of I-35) include:

  • 74001 & 74002 (over UP Railroad)
  • 74003 & 74004 (over Straight River)

This project is currently being scoped by MnDOT. The final number of bridges constructed and letting date will depend on available funding.


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This project is being managed by MnDOT Central Office and will likely include full consultant design and construction oversight.