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Bridge deck placement

St. Anthony Falls Bridge Anti-Icing Containment System

SP 2783-174, Letting Feb 8, 2018

Project description

The project is located in Hennepin County, Minnesota, within the city of Minneapolis. The project limits extend a total of 0.505 miles from approximately RP 018+00.200 to 018+00.705 (i.e. the length of the St Anthony Falls bridge) on Interstate 35W.

The proposed work will occur entirely within the 4 “boxes” of the St. Anthony Falls bridge (and, as it takes place within the bridge structures, all workers must have Confined Space Entry Training). Each of the 4 boxes has a PVC piping collection system running for approximately 1,500 feet from the middle to the ends of the bridge in the existing situation. These systems are designed to carry any liquid (primarily anti-icing chemical and water) that leaches into the boxes from the anti-icing holes in the deck from the high points in the middle of each box to one of two collection tanks located at either end of each structure utilizing a gravity only design. These systems are operational, but they leave pools of liquid in some areas, they are inefficient for MnDOT Maintenance to drain, and they may not be able to contain a catastrophic failure of an anti-icing feed line as designed. This project is intended to replace the existing anti-ice leak containment system with a more reliable and efficient configuration while separating the containment system from the feed system.

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