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Bridge deck placement

Hwy 52 in Rochester (ROC 52) design-build completed project

SP 5502-85, Letting 11/01/02


  • Open to traffic in 2005
  • Project completed in 2006

About the project

This project was MnDOT's first design-build, best value highway project.

MnDOT - District 6 (Rochester/Owatonna/Winona)
State Project Number: 5502-67, 5507-45, and 5508-78


  • The 11.8 mile project is located in Rochester, Minnesota and extends from the junction of 85th Street NW to south of the junction of Hwy 63 (Broadway).


  • $232 million


  • Six lanes from Hwy 63 to 75th Street NW
  • New interchange at 75th Street NW (with ramps to and from Hwy 52)
  • New overpass at 65th Street NW and 85th Street NW (no access to Hwy 52)
  • New local connecting - frontage roads 65th Street NW to 85th Street NW
  • New (reconstructed) interchanges at 6th Street SW, 2nd St. SW, Civic Center Drive, 19th Street NW
  • New (reconstructed) frontage roads 37th Street NW to Hwy 14 East
  • Intelligent Transportation System enhancements
  • Aesthetic design features incorporated


  • Hwy 52 reconstruction completed in five years or less once construction begins.
  • Four lanes of traffic (two lanes in each direction) maintained during peak travel periods (6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday - Friday)
  • Lane closures allowed during non-restricted hours (night and weekends)
  • Access to residences and business maintained
  • East-west connections across Hwy 52 maintained, except at 6th Street SW.
  • Temporary pedestrian bridge constructed at 6th Street
  • Construction minimized during November-December holiday shopping season.


  • County Road 14 – 75th Street NW improvements letting date accelerated from February 2003 to October 2002
  • Estimated $30 million savings in inflationary costs
  • Millions in savings by avoiding future right of way acquisitions
  • Better project coordination, communication, innovation
  • Less construction inconvenience and stress
  • Less project administrative costs to MnDOT, city and county
  • Better opportunity to achieve best value in terms of cost, staging and timing