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Bridge deck placement

I-94 Maple Grove to Rogers

SP 2780-97, Letting: Oct. 9, 2019

Project purpose, benefits

Provide long term pavement for I-94 and coordinate with the construction of the new Dayton Parkway interchange to be located ½-mile east of the Brockton Lane overpass.

Project scope

Scope is draft and subject to change.

The project scope (which is draft and subject to change) currently includes:

  1. The unbonded concrete overlay of I-94 from the I-494 Fish Lake Interchange (paving through the interchange) to TH 101.  (Approximately 9.5 miles)
  2. A new lane in each direction from TH 610 to the new Dayton Parkway interchange.
  3. A new lane in each direction from the new Dayton Parkway interchange to TH 101. Includes adding a 3rd eastbound lane under the TH 101 bridge.
  4. No bridge work other than approach panels, pier struts, and barrier protection.
  5. MOT work sufficient to ensure that all 6 lanes of traffic remain open during construction. It is assumed 5-lanes will be put on one side of the median and the 6th lane will be on the opposite side of the median.
  6. The construction of many noise walls that will be primarily located east of Maple Grove Parkway. One wall may be in Rogers west of Brockton lane on the eastbound side.
  7. TMS and Lighting work.

Proposers please be aware:

  1. A design bid build contract (SP 2780-99) will be let in June 2019 to construct more than 50% of the widening needed for the above design build contract SP 2780-97.
  2. The new Dayton Parkway interchange will be constructed under a separate design-bid-build contract (SP 229-010-001) concurrently with the design-build contract in 2020.

Approximate cost

Between $106 million and $141 million.  (SP 2780-97)

Construction schedule

Must be complete by November 2021.

Procurement schedule



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