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Roadside Safety Design

Training Resources

In Person Training

National Highway Institute Training

Roadside Safety Design FHWA-NHI-380032A
This three-day seminar will walk participants step-by-step through the 2002 AASHTO Roadside Design Guide, generally recognized as the national standard for roadside design. The course will provide an overview of the 2002 Roadside Design Guide with emphasis on the relationship to current highway agency policies and practices. The overview will include the following:
a) clear zone concept
b) recognition of the unsafe roadside design features
c) traffic barriers selection, design, and installation
f) alternate safety treatments and cost of effective design
g) identification of policies and practices that are inconsistent with current state-of-the-art features.

National Highway Institute, Federal Highway Administration Courses
Contact Design Standards Unit @ designstandards.dot@state.mn.us for additional information. 

Web-based Training

AASHTO Guardrail Training, Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3)
TC3 web-based trainings are FREE for MnDOT employees.

Guardrail Series: Guardrail Basics

Guardrail Series: Installation and Inspection of New Guardrails

Guardrail Series: Maintenance and Repair

Maine DOT’s Guardrail Inspection Training Videos
YouTube videos showing step-by-step instructions for inspections of
proprietary products.

SoftStop from Trinity Highway Products
MSKT from Road Systems, Inc
FLEAT from Road Systems, Inc
SRT-350 from Trinity Highway Products
MAX-Tension from Lindsay Corporation

Manufacturer Provided Training
Manufacturers videos for proprietary devices.

Road Systems Inc – Product Training
(Including MSKT and MFLEAT End Terminals)

Hill and Smith/Work Area Protection – Product Training
(Including Smart Cushion)

Lindsay Transportation – Installation Guides
(Including TAU-M, TAU-II, and TAU-II-R Crash Cushions)