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Typical Landscape Treatments
MnDOT's Conceptual Vegetation Types

This site generically illustrates and describes Typical Landscape Corridor Treatments as MnDOT’s Conceptual Vegetation Types with alphabetic designations and combinations.

type b example
Type "B" Example



MnDOT utilizes descriptive and illustrative Conceptual Vegetation Types in preliminary planning and project development for the following purposes: 



Typical Landscape Treatments

The Typical Landscape Treatments files are presented here in Portable Document Format(PDF). You may use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, print, or download each file. If needed, Acrobat Reader software can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe.


Description Size
Type A
Mowed Turf Grass 269 KB
Type B
Short Native Grass 416 KB
Type C
Tall Native Grass & Wildflowers 439 KB
Type D
No Mowing & Volunteer Growth Naturalizing 444 KB
Type E
Mixed Wetland Seedling & Seeding 439 KB
Type F
Mixed Seeding/Seedling/Sapling Reforestation 471 KB
Type G
Deciduous Vines on Fences 408 KB
Type H
Deciduous Vines on Walls 447 KB
Type I
Boulevard Trees 493 KB
Type I
Overhead Lines
Ornamental Boulevard Trees 378 KB
Type J
Deciduous Canopy Tree Massings 439 KB
Type J, L & M
Informal Mixed Deciduous & Evergreen Trees & Shrubs 498 KB
Type J & M
Formal Mixed Deciduous Trees & Shrubs 581 KB
Type J & M
Informal Mixed Deciduous Trees & Shrubs 354 KB
Type J, O & Q
Mixed Deciduous Trees, Shrubs & Flowering Perennials 370 KB
Type K
Small Ornamental Deciduous Tree Massings 314 KB
Type L
Evergreen Tree Massings 361 KB
Type M
Large Deciduous Shrubs 410 KB
Type N
Large Evergreen Shrubs 363 KB
Type O
Short Deciduous Shrubs 408 KB
Type P
Short Evergreen Shrubs 430 KB
Type Q
Flowering Perennial & Groundcover Beds 575 KB
Type R
Planters 241 KB
Type S
Urban Streetscapes 497 KB

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