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Hwy 68

Minneota to Marshall

About this project

Hwy 68 project map with detour route
Hwy 68 project area with detours. Click to enlarge.

Project update

  • Construction start date has been delayed due to utility relocation issues.
  • Utilities continue to be relocated and progress made.
  • The schedule is being reevaluated.

Summary of MnDOT work

  • Improvements to approximately 11 miles of Hwy 68 from North Grant Street in Minneota to the Redwood River in Marshall including shoulder widening and culvert replacement.
  • Drainage repairs near Porter are also included in the project.
  • Construction will take one season and should be finished, weather permitting by the fall of 2022.
  • Click here to view an overview of the project including the layout

Wider shoulders on Hwy 68

  • Hwy 68 is currently 32 feet wide, with 4 foot paved shoulders and 12 foot driving lanes.
  • After construction is complete, Hwy 68 will have wider shoulders between Minneota and Marshall by adding 4 feet of gravel on each side.