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Hwy 68

Minneota to Marshall

About this project

Hwy 68 project map with detour route
Hwy 68 project area with detours. Click to enlarge.

Project update

Sept. 16, 2022

  • Construction began on the Minneota to Marshall section Tuesday, July 12.
  • The Minneota to Marshall section is closed and all through traffic detoured - see the orange detour route on map at right.
  • Culvert replacements began Aug. 18 northwest of Porter and the detour (blue route on map above) is in effect until Sept. 20 while final grading and permanent erosion controls are placed.
  • Culvert replacement southeast of Porter begins Sept. 20 and the detour (yellow route on map above) will be in effect until Oct. 14.
  • Ghent to Marshall shoulder widening work is underway: excavation and embankment work is ongoing, and pipework and drain tile connections continue.
  • Final grading, topsoil placement and permanent erosion controls are being placed throughout the project.
  • Permanent filtration basins are being constructed.
  • The completion schedule is being re-evaluated.

Summary of MnDOT work

Wider shoulders on Hwy 68

  • Hwy 68 is currently 32 feet wide, with 4-foot paved shoulders and 12-foot driving lanes.
  • After construction is complete, Hwy 68 will have wider shoulders between Minneota and Marshall by adding 4 feet of gravel on each side.