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Hwy 4 Reconstruction

St. James

About this project

A construction sequencing map of the Hwy 4 project.

Construction expected to begin July 19, 2016

Construction will begin July 19, 2016 on 8th Avenue North and continue in 2017-18. Hwy 4 will not be detoured in 2016.

S M Hentges & Sons, Inc. of Jordan was awarded the contract with a bid of $15,685,646 (about $3.2 million less than the lowest bid in February). 

Updated Schedule

  • July-Oct, 2016 Major construction on 8th Avenue North
  • May-Oct, 2017 Major construction from 10th Avenue South to Westin Avenue (requires Hwy 4 detour)
  • May-Sept, 2018 Major construction from Westin Avenue to 11th Avenue North (requires Hwy 4 detour)
  • May-June, 2019 Finishing Work

Tree Removal Information

The Highway 4 improvements require the removal of approximately 130 trees within St. James, including more than 50 Green Ash trees.  The tree removal is necessary to complete the street and underground utility work.  Arborists have carefully examined more than 200 trees, the effect the proposed construction activity would have on the tree’s immediate health, and ongoing well-being of the tree prior to determining if tree would need to be removed. 

Native trees will be planted along Hwy 4 in residential areas following completion of construction work.  Approximately 130 new trees of 8-10 different varieties will provide a more diversified and sustainable urban forest in St. James. In addition, the city of St. James will remove about 75 trees on city streets is working on a reforestation plan.

2017 Detour (coming soon)

2018 Detour - Through-traffic of Hwy 4 will be detoured.Local access to businesses and residences will be maintained. Detour routes include Hwy 4, County Roads 57, 56 and 55. View/print through-traffic detour route (PDF)


Hwy 4 businesses are open

Hwy 4 through the city of St. James is in poor condition and in disrepair. The city utility infrastructure is also in poor condition and is currently experiencing multiple breaks each winter. MnDOT received municipal consent for the projects project in December 2014. The project includes reconstruction of approximately 1.6 miles of Hwy 4, including two new mini-roundabouts. Project elements include:

  • Reconstruct Hwy 4 from approximately 200 feet south of 10th Avenue S. to 11th Avenue N.
  • Realign 7th Avenue S. to address the skew and increase safety
  • Construct mini-roundabouts at the two existing signals on 1st Avenue
  • Provide back-in parallel parking downtown
  • Replace existing sidewalk and install new sidewalk
  • Bring all pedestrian accommodations up to Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards
  • Upgrade city utility infrastructure - storm sewer throughout the corridor
  • Upgrade lighting standards and fixtures
  • Downtown Aesthetics

Hwy 4 project receives innovative grant

The Federal Highway Administration announced that MnDOT and the city of St. James have been awarded a demonstration grant to construct two mini-roundabouts and back-in-diagonal parking as part of the Hwy 4 reconstruction project in 2016-17. The Accelerated Innovation Deployment grant is for $864,000 and will be applied to the shared cost of the mini-roundabouts replacing signalized Hwy 4 intersections with 7th Street and Armstrong Boulevard in St. James.