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South central Minnesota Area Transporation Partnership
Transportation Planning in District 7
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D7 ATP Information

Counties covered by MnDOT's District 7 area are:




Surface Transportation Program 2015-2018


Federally funded transportation projects have been considered and prioritized by the District 7 Area Transportation Partnership (ATP-7) for inclusion in the 2015-2018 Area Transportation Improvement Program (ATIP), using Surface Transportation Funds.


Regional public meetings have been held on the draft ATIP. The ATIP is reviewed by MnDOT Central Office, prior to federal approval.


2018 STIP funding guidance

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

The Transportation Alternatives Program (formerly Enhancements) is a new competitive grant opportunity for local communities and regional agencies to fund projects for pedestrian and bicycle facilities, historic preservation, Safe Routes to School and more. ATP-7 will be selecting projects for 2017and for 2018 - $700,000 each year.

Greater Minnesota applicants submitted a letter of intent describing the key components of their project (deadline was Nov. 15, 2013). A regional representative contacted applicants to help review the project proposal and the steps necessary for delivering a federally funded project prior to local communities and regional agencies submitting a full grant application.

Grant solicitation timeline:


What is Area Transportation Partnership (ATP)?

Mn/DOT created ATP to emphasize greater public involvement in preparation of transportation plans and programs.

There are eight ATPs in Minnesota (one for each Mn/DOT District area).


Every year, the ATPs develop an Area Transportation Improvement Program (ATIP) which cover a minimum four-year period. ATIPs include all projects seeking federal aid highway, state trunk highway, and federal transit sources of funding.


The ATP 7 is working to meet the goals of new federal transportation law - MAP 21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century).To distribute the funds a Statewide Performance Program was created to allow Minnesota to meet performance targets on the National Highway System - a key focus of MAP-21.

New funding programs in MAP-21 include:


ATP 7 solicits projects for:


Current project maps


2015-2018 ATIP

Draft ATIP



Current and past Statewide Transportation Improvement Programs are available on MnDOT’s Web site at