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South central Minnesota Area Transporation Partnership
Transportation Planning in District 7
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D7 ATP Information

Counties covered by MnDOT's District 7 area are:




Surface Transportation Program

2016-2019 STIP

Federally funded transportation projects will be solicited soon by the District 7 Area Transportation Partnership (ATP-7) for inclusion in the 2016-2019 Area Transportation Improvement Program (ATIP), using Surface Transportation Funds.


2015-2018 STIP

The STIP was approved by MnDOT on September 21, 2014 and the printed book was sent to FHWA October 1, 2014. The 2015-2018 STIP has been posted in PDF format.

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

Accepting 2019 projects

The Transportation Alternatives Program is a competitive grant opportunity for local communities and regional agencies to fund projects for pedestrian and bicycle facilities, historic preservation, Safe Routes to School and more. ATP-7 will be selecting projects for 2019.

Greater Minnesota applicants are to submitt a letter of intent describing the key components of their project. A regional representative contacts applicants to help review the project proposal and the steps necessary for delivering a federally funded project prior to local communities and regional agencies submitting a full grant application.

Deadlines for the Greater Minnesota applicants are:


For more information:

What is Area Transportation Partnership (ATP)?

Mn/DOT created ATP to emphasize greater public involvement in preparation of transportation plans and programs.

There are eight ATPs in Minnesota (one for each Mn/DOT District area).


Every year, the ATPs develop an Area Transportation Improvement Program (ATIP) which cover a minimum four-year period. ATIPs include all projects seeking federal aid highway, state trunk highway, and federal transit sources of funding.


The ATP 7 is working to meet the goals of new federal transportation law - MAP 21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century).To distribute the funds a Statewide Performance Program was created to allow Minnesota to meet performance targets on the National Highway System - a key focus of MAP-21.

New funding programs in MAP-21 include:


ATP 7 solicits projects for:


Current project maps


Current and past Statewide Transportation Improvement Programs are available on MnDOT’s Web site at