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I-94 Improvements

Rogers to St. Michael

All new lanes, ramps open

Celebration event Oct. 13

Join us in celebrating the success and completion of this improvement project!

All new lanes open on I-94. By Jeff Eggert, WSB

  • Tuesday, Oct. 13
    11 am – Noon
    FedEx Distribution Center, 19705 Rogers Drive, Rogers

MnDOT thanks you for your continued patience during this two year, $28.3 million Corridors of Commerce funded improvement project.


Good news-- All new eastbound and westbound lanes and ramps are open. However, motorists may still encounter periodic lane closures as crews wrap up the project. I-94 both directions:

  • Periodic, non-rush hour lane closures with reduced speeds
  • Crews and equipment working along the interstate


Wrap up work Oct 5- late Oct.
Construct eastbound Complete Oct. 5
Construct westbound Complete July 20

About this project

New lane, new learning curve
Please be sure to NOT use the newly constructed eastbound I-94 auxiliary lane between Hwy 241 and Hwy 101 to pass on the right (the auxiliary lane is the rightmost lane). It's designed only for vehicles entering and exiting eastbound I-94. It is NOT designed for passing, as the lane ends after only a short distance. If you use the new auxiliary lane to pass on the right, you could be ticketed.

Summary of work

Install capacity improvements between Hwy 101 in Rogers and Hwy 241 in St. Michael. Newsline article

COMPLETE: Eastbound I-94

  • Build an auxiliary lane from Hwy 241 to Hwy 101

COMPLETE: Westbound I-94

  • Extend the Hwy 101 exit ramp at Rogers
  • Install a third lane from Rogers to St. Michael
  • Construct a noise barrier on the north side of the interstate in Rogers

COMPLETE: Crow River bridges

  • Widen bridges, includes new support girders and deck surfaces

All new lanes open on I-94. By Jeff Eggert, WSB


  • Add capacity and improve traffic flow
  • Alleviate congestion and rush hour backups on a heavily used freight and commuter route
  • Reduce congestion on secondary routes 


Schedules are tentative and subject to change by contractors