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Hwy 75


2022- Resurface and ADA improvements in Hallock

Highway 75 in Hallock map showing the project limits
Project map for Hwy's 75 and 175 in Hallock

About this project

The pavement on Hwy 75 through the city of Hallock is in poor condition and due for replacement. This project also requires that the sidewalks be improved to meet federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Project elements include:

  • Resurfacing with:
    • 12 ft driving lanes in each direction
    • 14 ft southbound shoulder
    • 10 ft northbound shoulder
  • Bring all pedestrian accommodations up to ADA standards
    • Remove existing sidewalk and install new sidewalk
    • Widen sidewalks
    • Curb shift
  • Upgrade lighting standards and fixtures


  • This is a complex project that requires a redesign of the roadway layout. Although different for Hallock, the new design will bring the road width more in line with similar communities
  • Visit the about tab view a more detailed look at the redesign


MnDOT committed to work with the Hallock community and whenever feasible the community's aspirations, concerns and recommendations directly influenced the project design.

Visit the About page and FAQ page to view layouts of the new design and learn more about the details of this project.

2023- Resurface between Hallock and Canada

*This project has been moved to the summer of 2023 due to limited availability of materials

About this project

Highway 75 resurfacing between Hallock and Canada map showing the project limits
This project, scheduled for summer 2023, will include detours for Hwy's 75 and 175.
  • Resurface Hwy 75 between Hallock and the Canadian border
  • Replace 3 culverts and resurface Hwy 171 between Hwy 75 and the North Dakota border

Traffic Impacts

Staged detours during the project